Bee Pedersen
The Japanese Masseuse

by Bee Pedersen

...Connie Ding peeked in the mirror while she washed her hands. She admired the contours of the naked body hidden under the white sheet. She was anxious to get her hands on it. Her clients were completely in her power, like lumps of warm clay. Even when the massage technique was excruciating, most of them would endure the pain and she would continue, knowing...

A Social-Media Reality-Fiction

– A murder mystery.

In The Japanese Masseuse all characters are played by real people that ‘LIKE’ Facebook Bee Pedersen - author page. Like actors, everyone plays a role in the story with their real name, photo and special characteristics.

We recognize them! We know who they are!

Feed back from the readers/ characters contribute to the development of the mystery. Incorporating real people inspires and leads to new and otherwise unknown stories. Just as important it creates new connections!

Each chapter is published as it is completed on Bee's Blog - Bee Yourself and previous chapters are posted there too. It is never too late to follow this intriguing story with real people. Reality-Fiction – an oxymoron!

Do we all have multiple personalities? – I think we do!